Tuesday, May 27, 2008

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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

5 Super Shoe-Buying Tips!

1. You can tell if these boots (or any other shoes) are made for walking… If you can’t wear a pair of shoes comfortably for more than an hour, don’t bother. Your face will show your pain.

2. Never buy a shoe that wrinkles when you flex your foot. Also, buy late in the day, when your feet are the largest.

3. When it comes to sandals, keep it simple. You’ll get more use out of them. Be sure straps are well made, not too tight or too delicate. Avoid sandals that cut any area of the foot.

4. Flats look best with long skirts and slim pants.

5. When you’re bargain shoe shopping, buy brown. Inexpensive shoes look richer in natural browns than in black.

Article: eDiets.com

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Shoe cell phone.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Michael Jordan is really big!

Shoe designer Tinker Hatfield looks over the Jordan XX that he helped design during an interview about the new basketball shoe.

Shoes Don't Make Us Look Fat

If you've ever wondered why women love shoes, here's your answer - shoes dont make us look fat.

But it's really not so simple.

I am a shoe fanatic; I carry a Famous Footwear rewards card wherever I go, and I probably own thirty pairs of shoes. Most of them are impractical, of course, and yet I still search for more. Its one of my few indulgences. Naturally, I found myself amongst many women shopping shoe sales post-Christmas. I tried on several pairs, just like my fellow ladies, and I tried to find meaning in my obsession with shoes. I wasn't alone. I conversed with a 50-year-old woman (who was surprisingly pulling off pink knee-high stiletto boots) about which we thought were the ugliest shoes on the sales rack. I noticed a group of girls trying on old lady shoes for kicks. I tried on purple stilettos, lime green sneakers, leopard-print boots. Realistically speaking, I wouldnt buy most of the outrageous shoes I try on, but I have always thought of trying on shoes as some type of therapy. It makes me happy, and I have often been known to go out with my girlfriends, or even alone...just to try on shoes.

Author: Stephenie Samborowski. Continued...

Fashion: Shoe Clue for Spring/ Summer

Spring/ summer 2005 is expected to sparkle extremes when it comes to shoes - from flats to towering wedges.

Flat peep toe sandals are the perfect match to knitted "I made it myself" styled tops. Opt for genuine leather and natural, skin shades. Earthly coloured strapped Gladiator sandals and pretty-bejewelled flats also make an ultrafashionable statement.

Those make a good match to denim or romantic white ensembles, but you feel more extravagant a black ruffle petticoat could do as well.

For the night, however, you might need something more sophisticated than flats - platforms and stack heels make a sweeping comeback this season.

Friday, February 18, 2005

NBA All-Star Game, shoe exhibition.

Because consumers have come to expect the All-Star Game to give them their first glimpses of new shoes, it's become a launch pad for new looks. "It's an event where a lot of eyes are on the product," Nike spokesman Rodney Knox says.

Nike's fashion statements in the All-Star Game will include LeBron James, who usually wears black shoes, modeling gray and blue versions of his signature Zoom LeBron II shoes, which hit retail stores last weekend.

Kobe Bryant will wear gray, red and blue Nike 2K5 sneakers, a shoe that also will come out in three more color schemes in March.

Nike also will shod Vince Carter in red, white and blue versions of his signature VC IV shoe. Jermaine O'Neal's All-Star version of the Shox Bomber will have a similar color scheme. Versions of the Shox Bomber without the All-Star color scheme go on sale in March; Carter's All-Star kicks are available this weekend.

And what would a sneaker story be without a pair of Air Jordans? Seattle SuperSonics guard Ray Allen will unveil a special pair of AJXX's, marking the 20th anniversary since the shoe first hit the market.

"It's always been more than just a shoe to me," Jordan says. "I'm honored that, even after 20 years, my loyal fans and friends have continued to support me and the legacy of Air Jordan."

The special edition Allen will wear won't be available in stores; however, a version of the shoe will be in stores All-Star weekend. The motorcycle-inspired design of the AJXX (Jordan owns a motorcycle team, Team23 Racing) includes a laser-etched strap that features more than 200 icons that were done to create a tapestry of stories connected to Jordan's career.

Players modeling new shoes for Adidas include Tracy McGrady, wearing his laceless signature shoe, and Antawn Jamison, in an AQ sneaker that will launch in March. The company is counting on long consumer memories: Tim Duncan will be wearing a D-Cool shoe that won't be available until July.

But nobody is counting on longer memories than Reebok. Using the feet of Allen Iverson and Yao Ming, it will resurrect its Pump sneaker, which sold from 1989 to 1992 and was Reebok's best-selling sneaker ever — more than 20 million pairs.

Full article at: USATODAY.com

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Detail shot.

A detail shot of the footwear worn by Star Jones as she arrives at the 47th annual Grammy Awards at the Staples Center in Los Angeles February 13, 2005.
REUTERS/Robert Galbraith

Malta : Fake branded footwear and clothes seized

On Monday, three containers transporting fake footwear and garments of famous brands such as Hugo Boss, Gucci, Nike, Giorgio Armani, Adidas and Timberland were seized by the Customs Enforcement Unit based in Marsa.

Each 20-foot-container from China was destined for North Africa. Following more investigations, discrepancies in declarations on official documents of these three containers, were discovered. The three containers are being emptied on Tuesday.

The authorities contacted the legal right holders of the brands concerned and following their efforts, the suspicions of the Customs officials was confirmed that the merchandise was counterfeit.

So far, with the above seizure the total number of seizures in two months has reached 20 full load containers.


Success fits shoe shipper

"In 2000, sales at Zappos.com totaled $1.6 million. Last year they skyrocketed to $184 million."

The story goes something like this: A man walks through a San Francisco shopping mall but can't find the perfect pair of shoes. He goes online but still can't find his style.

The man, just 26 years old, decides to start his own Internet shoe store, where he could find the right brand, style and size. He recruits a footwear expert and an Internet guru to help launch his company and names it Zappos.com.

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